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Thayer2Design is your one stop destination for Website Design and Computer Repair in New York. We are proud to have worked with many great individuals and companies from all over including Syracuse, Rome, Oneida, Canastota and more. Our mission is simple: To provide you with the highest quality Web Design and Computer Repair services at a price you can afford.  No one will work harder to gain your business and trust, which is our guarantee.

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Syracuse Web Design, Syracuse Computer Repair, Oneida Web Design, Oneida Computer Repair, Canastota Web Design, Canastota Computer Repair, Rome NY Web Design, Rome NY Computer Repair, Syracuse Web Designer, Syracuse Website Design

Responsive Websites

We offer a wide variety of web design services such as web hosting, domain name purchasing, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. One of our most popular services include our Responsive Design that allows your website to look great no matter what device you’re on.  More and more people are surfing the web on their phones and you’ll want your website to shine when it needs to the most.

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Syracuse Web Design, Syracuse Computer Repair, Oneida Web Design, Oneida Computer Repair, Canastota Web Design, Canastota Computer Repair, Rome NY Web Design, Rome NY Computer Repair, Syracuse Web Designer, Syracuse Website Design

Computer Repair

You shouldn’t be charged an arm and a leg for Computer Repair. Don’t let other companies take advantage of you when you’re at your most vulnerable. At Thayer2Design we offer a variety of services such as Virus Removal, Password Resets, Computer Backups and more. Best of all you can either drop off your computer or we come to you, there are no hidden costs or extra fees. Just quality service at a price you can afford.

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Syracuse Web Design, Syracuse Computer Repair, Oneida Web Design, Oneida Computer Repair, Canastota Web Design, Canastota Computer Repair, Rome NY Web Design, Rome NY Computer Repair, Syracuse Web Designer, Syracuse Website Design

Syracuse Web Design

Don’t be confused by our small business attitude which consists of low prices and great relationships with our clients. We work with some of the biggest businesses in the city to provide them with Website Design in Syracuse, NY. We can help help your company beat the competition and get more customers. Our Web Design, SEO, and Print Services are the complete package you need which makes us the go-to place for Web Design in Syracuse, NY.

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What We Offer

At Thayer2Design we have a passion for what we do. We treat your website like it was our own and give 100% on each project. Go with a website designer that has the confidence and ability to grow your business online and take it to the next level.

Together we will go over the goals that you have and come up with a game plan to make it happen. We will discuss the importance of having a web designed website and how we can make it stand out above the rest. Your website will be SEO optimized so that it can be found on search engines and Responsive so your website looks great on any device. Contact us to see why so many people have chosen us for their web design projects. Simply click the “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us” pages and let’s get started today!

But don’t forget about our Computer Repair services either. Our virus removal is top notch and we can also help you upgrade your memory, hard drive, and that old keyboard missing a key or two. We are confident in our PC Repair services and look forward to helping you.

My name is Kevin Thayer and I am a web designer located in Canastota, NY. Since owning my first computer, I’ve always had a passion for technology. I eventually went on to receive my Bachelors degree in Web Design at AIU. Shortly after I moved to Canastota, NY to be closer to my family and upon doing so I turned my freelancing and “just for fun” web design passion and turned it into my business known as Thayer2Design.

Since opening up my business, I’ve been extremely thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Many companies took a chance on me to help build their perfect website to fit their needs. Each one thanked me for doing a great job, but it was me thanking them for giving me a start. It has allowed me to grow even more and extend my business all over New York. It has been an amazing journey and it is just the beginning!

When I am not building websites I also offer Computer Repair Services that are second to none. From making a slow computer fast again, to removing a pesky virus that is holding your computer hostage. Whatever you need, you can find it at Thayer2Design.

Web Design Syracuse

At Thayer2Design we’re always looking to be the best and provide you with great customer service, excellent results, all matched with affordable prices. But how can you really be sure you’re getting the best results for the best price? Here’s a little secret that we tell our clients.

Think of it as purchasing a computer. There is always a medium and those typically tend to be the best. Some companies tell you they have the cheapest computers out there. However sometimes you get what you pay for and in those situations cheap doesn’t mean good. Other companies will claim they are the biggest and best brand around. But they offer the same product as the medium companies but charge twice as much for their so called “brand”.

The same can be said for our Web Design and Computer Repair competitors. They can argue their points and talk a good game but at Thayer2Design we offer you a fair and affordable price with customer service and satisfaction. Syracuse Web Design, Rome Web Design, Canastota, Oneida, Long Island Web Design

Kevin was recommended to my by another business associate. Right from the first contact, I knew Kevin was the right choice for my web design projects. Throughout the process Kevin was professional and responsive and most importantly completed each task within the projected timeline. Kevin is easy to communicate with and is patient and willing to take the time to explain what I didn’t understand.

Tom Richardson

Syracuse, NY

What You Get With Us

Custom Web Design

When your website is designed by us you won’t get a template used by hundreds of others. Your site will be unique just like you.

Web Hosting + Domain Name

Host your website with us and you wont be disappointed. Get just what you need, without the stuff you’ll never use. Affordable and reliable.

Search Engine Optimization

Pushing your website to the top of Google Rankings is important and we will work with you to do just that.


Website Design


Brand & Identity


Social Marketing


Customer Satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest questions I get asked concerning both Computer Repair and Web Design is…Why choose you? It’s a great question and an important one for my clients. There are a lot of people out there who claim to do exactly what we can. In today’s economy you have to make every single dollar count and we get that.

That’s why at Thayer2Design we give you the best value for your business. They say when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. That’s what allows us to do more for you because we take pride in our work and have a true passion for it.

Still have more questions? We’re happy to help and can do so in a variety of ways. Some of our most asked questions are right across from this text. Simply click the plus button to get the answer. Additionally you can also Click Here to read even more popular questions we receive.

Finally if you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for you can give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!

What Locations Do You Serve?

One of the great things about Thayer2Design is that there is no limit to the places we serve. Our main coverage includes PC Repair and Web Design in Syracuse, Canstota, Rome, and Oneida NY. But if you don’t live in CNY you might still be covered. That’s because many of our clients are taken care of via email, phone calls, and even Skype. We can even fix your computer online in some cases. So no matter where you live, Thayer2Design is there to help. Web Design Syracuse

What Kind Of Websites Do You Create?

We work with a wide variety of clients which means every website we make is unique to fit their needs. From local organizations and businesses to larger companies we do it all. You can view the Portfolio page to view some of our work from clients. We hope that your website will be the next on our site as we look forward to working with you. Web Design Syracuse

What Is Your Turn Around Time?

When it comes to Computer Repair our turn around time is typically 1-2 days at most unless we need to order parts. Of course we also can come to your home and work on your computer for same day repairs. When it comes to Web Design it can vary depending on the scope of the site and what is needed. However once we speak with you, we can give you a better idea of a timeline and work around your goals. Syracuse Web Design

Computer Repair Services

Web Design is a huge part of what makes Thayer2Design tick, but its not the only thing. When we first started growing as a company it was mainly due to our Computer Repair skills. We could remove any virus you were facing, we could back up your data so that it was never lost or we could help you add more memory to speed up your PC. With Thayer2Design now located in CNY, Computer Repair just got easier in Oneida, Canastota, Rome and everywhere else that someone might be having an issue. You can drop your computer off or we will come to your home.

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