2021 is officially here and with it comes new challenges and opportunities for us all. Since this company first started I have been blessed with continued growth. Much of it is owed to my amazing clients both new and old. As this company continues to grow its important for me to raise the bar and leave no stone unturned. And that includes this blog section as well.

When I first started my blog it was probably for the wrong reasons. The goal behind it was to grow online traffic and get more views to the website. In theory this was a good goal to have and something that helps many businesses. However my heart wasn’t into it. Instead of writing about the things I enjoyed, I instead tried to stuff as many keywords into boring articles. As a result they were probably boring to my readers as well.

I’ve deleted 90% of the blog posts I created and only kept a few that brought real traffic to my website.  Which articles were those? They were articles that had real value to my clients. And that’s really what Google looks for. Most of the time you aren’t going to fool the Google algorithms. Instead the best way for your blog to get traction is by providing content that people want to read. One example is this blog which helped warn people of a Microsoft Office Virus. People found that article useful and thus it got shared with others. At the same time I also enjoyed writing about it. I wanted to help people. It didn’t feel like work.

So moving forward my blog is going to be about things I enjoy, and hopefully you will too. It will be about things I’ve learned through my business journey; knowledge that I can pass on to web designers and clients alike. I’m not going to guarantee a certain number of posts each month but instead I will write when I have something worth writing. And who knows, with the growth of the company we might have a few more members on board to write with me.

My first new article talks about how to Choose A Domain Name and some helpful tips on choosing the right name for you.