It’s always tough to know whats real and whats fake. Scammers and hackers continue to come up with new ways to trick people. That’s why I like to post an article whenever I find something new that people should avoid. The latest virus has been popping up recently in peoples email inboxes.

In most cases this email comes from a family, friend or customer that you’ve been talking to recently. Sadly that persons email account has likely been hacked. An email gets sent asking you to open a word document. When you open it, the document reads:

This document created in online version of Microsoft Office Word

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The most obviously clue should be the horrible grammar. But if you don’t catch it, and you click “Enable Editing” there is a good chance you may catch a virus.

So what should you do? Since the virus only attacks when you click “Enable” the best thing to do is close out of Word and delete the document right away. It’s also not a bad idea to run a virus scan anyway just to be on the safe side.

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