Website Project: 3 Brothers Inspections

We believe strongly in supporting local businesses. That’s why it was our pleasure to work with 3 Brothers Inspections that operates right out of Canastota, New York. As a growing company, 3 Brothers needed a website that would help compete with other Home Inspection companies that have been around for a while. After reviewing the competition, it was clear that would could create a website that was not only professional, and user friendly. But also a website that would look better then anything else in the area.

There are a lot of cool things going on with the 3 Brother Inspections website. The first would have to be the vertical navigation. Most companies display their navigation across the top of the site and its pretty common. However a vertical navigation, if done properly can really stand out. Also featured on the home page is a virtual tour. Another service that will be provided by 3 Brothers.

Finally 3 Brother Inspections has a fully working appointment setter on their website. Customers can fill out a couple of questions and request an appointment. The appointment is then automatically synced with David’s phone and Google Calendar. This feature removes a lot of the hassle with the ordinary way of scheduling appointments manually.

To View Their Website: Click Here