Website Project: Hidden Harbor

Let me start off by saying that Hidden Harbor is a fantastic place to be. The view is great, the fishing is awesome and the owner is an incredibly nice guy. If you are ever visiting Canastota and want a place to relax, i would high recommend staying a few days at Hidden Harbor.

Now lets talk about their website. Hidden Harbor had a website that was built several years ago and it was a very basic HTML site. Unfortunately due to some unforseen issues, they lost their domain and hosting and thus lost their website as well. Luckily I was able to recover most of their text and photos using a great site called The Wayback Machine which keeps archives of websites.

But I knew they needed something much more advanced and appealing then what their website once was. Thayer2Design gave their site a complete makeover, while keeping some the page text and photos. The end result was a website that became much more welcoming to visitors and easier to operate then before. The site is also now mobile friendly which is a huge plus by itself.

To View Their Website: Click Here