Website Project: Landscapes Unlimited CNY

When I’m redesigning a website for a company, the process is pretty easy. The former website is either poorly built, outdated, or in some cases just unappealing. I never blame the company or previous designer for this though. When the internet first started almost all websites were terrible. But as technology grows, website advance. Just as I’m sure the websites I build 20 years from now will look a lot different then the sites I built today.

I mention though, because that wasn’t the case with Landscapes Unlimited CNY. Their website already looked pretty good. Sure, there were a few minor issues but it was better then most landscaping sites I’ve seen. That made this new site a challenge because while I knew I could make it function better, I had to make sure that the new look of the site went above and beyond what was already a decent looking design.

As with most websites, we went with WordPress and I’m pretty pleased with the way this website came out. It’s different then other sites I’ve done and as I feel the site does a great job of presenting some of the fantastic work and photos that the company has.

Now that the new site has been built, I’m excited to continue working with them and continuing to grow their online presence.

To View Their Website: Click Here