Website Project: Design Your Encore

Design Your Encore is a website that I’ve been meaning to add to my portfolio. When I was first asked to build this website, I had a few different ideas in mind and thanks to the owner, Lisa, I had the freedom to run with the site and see what I could come up with.

The final design features a great display of colors, and balance of breaking up each section on the home page. Lisa also had some photography done for the site which I think helps make the site look very professional.

As stated on the website, “Design Your Encore is to offer people in the ‘encore’ of their lives (over 50) the support they need to design their best next chapter whether it be in their current careers, in full retirement or as encore entrepreneurs.”

It was a pleasure working with Lisa and helping promote her work. I encourage everyone to check out her new website and help spread the word.

To View Their Website: Click Here