Website Project: Mary’s Meadow

A quick note before we begin. The original design of this website was not created by Thayer2Design. I felt it was important to mention this because unlike most websites in my portfolio, I did not do 100% of the work. 

So why would I include this peice? Because the owner of Mary’s Meadow came to me looking for a new web designer. Unlike other clients, this isn’t a horror story. The owner liked her previous designer. However she was looking for someone more local and someone she could work with and meet with.  I was happy to take on this project and since working together we have made a variety of changes to the website including adding a blog.

I add this piece to my portfolio to show that even if you have a website and don’t need a full redesign, Thayer2Design can still help you with all your website needs, even if its just updates.  We are fast with our work, good at what we do, and affordable. 

To View Their Website: Click Here