Website Project: Froyo Gelato Supplies

Froyo Gelato Supplies is a leading company when it comes to supplies. Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream shops love purchasing from them. Their supplies include Cups, Spoons, Containers and more. In fact the only thing missing from Froyo Gelato Supplies was a website to help them get more customers. That’s why we were excited when they contacted Thayer2Design because we knew we could give their old website a fresh new look and increased functiionality.

Their old website was built in Joomla and has since been moved to WordPress. Froyo’s old website had a lot of shopping cart features but unfortantly some of them weren’t even working which lead to some customers being confused or upset.  As we designed their new website we knew that anything and everything a customer might want needed to be included. Their new website has a fully funcational shopping experience complete with shopping cart, customer accounts, and even coupons for special events.

Thayer2Design is also in charge of regular maintenace which includes keeping their social networking accounts up to date, along with managing invenory for the company whenever they need it.

To View Their Website: Click Here