Web Design Project: Select Choice Home Care

Tom Richardson is the owner of Select Choice. They own multiple websites and had previously worked with a different designer. When that web designer was no longer capable of doing the work, Tom looked at Thayer2Design for assistance. We were happy to provide Tom with the support he needed with the websites he had. Unlike other jobs where the task is pretty straight forward, Select Choice needed a little bit of everything. On a few sites they needed some coding created to fix some previous issues with the WordPress theme they had. Other cases involved changing a logo or swapping an old logo with a new revised one.

Select Choice also went with Thayer2Design to have a new website built, and to have an old one redesigned. The one in my portfolio is the re-designed site. The biggest benefit that Tom found once the website was completed was how easy everything looked to edit. I walked Tom through any questions he had including editing a page, updating his blog, or changing the font for a particular item.

Being located in Clifton Park, and Thayer2Design being located in Canastota there was a bit of distance between us. But with email and phone call conferences it was like we were in the same room. Thayer2Design was thrilled to work with Tom on this project and the most rewarding part was seeing that Tom was just as thrilled.

View Site Here: Select Choice Home Care

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