Website Project: Ground Control LS

There are few things better than starting a brand new business. It’s a great opportunity that brings with it a lot of hard work, but also a rewarding lifestyle. That’s why it was our privilege to work with Paul Sr and Paul Jr in their newest adventure at Ground Control Lawn and Snow. 

Just as the name implies, the offer services all year round. From Lawn Mowing to Snow Blowing, your yard and driveway are in good hands. For this project we handled a few items for them. The first was their logo which you’ll see right away when you visit their website. We came up with a few different ideas but this one was liked the best by the family. It represents everything they do and stands out.

Next we worked on their website and once again we wanted something that stood out. I’d be surprised if there was any other lawn mowing company in Syracuse that has a site like this. The new website is mobile friendly and gives you the details you need right away. As of this writing the website is only a month old, but we hope that to work with Ground Control for years to come. 

To View Their Website: Click Here