Website Project: Dolphins Talk Blog

Dolphins Talk is one of the growing Miami Dolphin blogs in the country. For anyone familiar with myself, you know I am a huge fan of the NFL and while I am not a Dolphins fan, I knew this would quickly become a fun site to work on. When I first met with the owner, he was using Blogger from Google. While this was OK for a while, the audience began growing and the website needed to grow with it.

The first step was creating a site that looked professional and was also mobile friendly. It was also important to get content right to the viewer. Which we did by having a slideshow of the most recent posts, along with additional posts underneath. On the side we featured all of Dolphins Talk’s social media accounts and sponsors.

The final result was a fresh new website that pops on the screen and shows how big Dolphins Talk has become.

To View Their Website: Click Here