Web Design Project: Organic Eating

Recently Thayer2Design was contacted by our good friends at The Liaison Networks in regards to a website project for Organic Eating. The scope of the project was simple. They needed a website that was mobile friendly, visually appealing, and functioned properly, including a blog section. We were given the stock photos and text for the website and told to have fun with the design. You can see the final results of this project by either clicking the link below, or viewing the image to the right. A project that we had a lot of fun with.

We found that Organic Eating’s logo worked best on a white background. To remove a lot of the white space that this obivously caused, we took advantage of the great stock photos provided to us and tried to have them incorporate as much of the site as possible. You’ll see each page has multiple photos on it and the home page has bright colorful banners that fill the page before getting to text at the bottom.

It was a great oppertunity to work with The Liaison Network and we are glad that they choose use to work on their project. We look forward to future oppertunities and we are proud to add this site to our portfolio page.

To View Their Website: Click Here