Web Design Project: Purewood Floors

Bob Howell contacted me in regards to a website design for his company out in Watkins Glen near the Fingerlakes. Bob is the owner of Purewood Floors which is the real deal when it comes to pure hardwood floors. When it came to designing this website we decided to user WordPress for its combination of ease and the abilitiy to quickly edit the site when we needed to. I also used a combination of Illustrator to create his new logo and photoshop to create graphics for the website. Purewood Floor was a great project to work on and you can see that in the final design by its unique look and ability to pop from the page. This website has a little bit of everything including a Testimonial Page, Photo Gallery, Contact forms and more. SEO was also a big focus that was kept in mind the entire time while creating this site.

Purewood Floors is also responsive which means it can look great on any device. The majority of sites I create today can do just that and it doesn’t make sense to create a site that can’t in todays age of smartphones and tablets. Thayer2Design was happy that Mr. Howell gave us the oppertunity to create his website and we were even happier to hear how much he liked it.

Purewood Floors uses Web Hosting powered by Thayer2Design to run his site efficiently and productively. They also have email accounts powered through us as well.

View Site Here: Purewood Floors

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