Web Design In Long Island NY

The journey has been a great one, and something I’ll never forget. I started my business in a town called Canastota, NY and started building websites in the local area. Things picked up as I started doing web design in Syracuse NY and larger areas. This allowed me to grow my business and start making connections. Those connections lead me outside of CNY where I’ve created websites north and south of my home. I was able to create a website for a cafe/diner in Clayton NY and now have started to do web design in Long Island.

Partnering with one of my best friends has allowed me to reach new clients and help them expand their business online and increase their growth. People think that the only way to do business is face to face and while I agree it is an option and is a great way to become familar with someone, its not the only way. Even local clients are busy with their business or other projects and don’t have time to meet which is why phone calls, skype calls, and emails have worked just as well and I guarantee to contact you back within 24 hours althought most emails and calls are returned within 1-2 hours. Its a great oppertunity for companies and people in Long Island to get the website they desire.

Long Island Web Design Has Never Been Easier

There has never been a better time to create your website or have it designed then now. Look around and there is a great chance you’ll see someone on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Each of those devices allow them to find what they are looking for and that could be you if you are on the web and have a great website.

I get it though, having a website built can be expensive and sometimes prices are doubled in Long Island. So why should you have to sell your car or put a loan on your home just to have a website built? Why not get it from someone who can do the same work or better and give you a great website at a price you can afford? That’s my promise and I guarantee to give you the best offer possible. I’ll even match other offers that you receive from other companies making sure that you get everything you deserve.

Once the website is built you can even edit and change your site on your own. More and more websites are being developed on WordPress and this allows the customization you need to get everything you want. You’ll be able to modify your site no matter where you are located. From Long Island, Upstate or perhaps out of state. My Web Hosting and Web Design services provide you with everything you need. If you don’t feel comfortable editing your site after its built – thats ok too! I can do it for you and I often am able to make the changes to your website the very same day as you request them. Who else can provide you that kind of services that quickly?

Top Long Island SEO Company In New York

Perhaps the biggest and most important aspect of your site is visibility. Who cares if your site looks great if no one is able to see it? Thats why at Thayer2Design we not only build you the perfect site, we make sure the world knows about it. Your website will stand out in Long Island and anywhere else you choose. We will work with you to determin the kind of keywords your customers/clients/fans will be searching for and make sure they are able to find out. The biggest aspect of Search Engine Optimization is hard work. Its the same thing I tell clients in Syracuse.

Anyone who promises they can push your website to the top without a website of their own probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I say that not to be rude, but to be honest. The fact is that new websites take time to grow and the more your website grows, the higher up you’ll rank with Google. It doesn’t happen over night but it will happen and we assure you of it.

Your Long Island Business Needs A Website – Start Today!

So lets get straight to the bottom line. You know you need a website, or perhaps need a new one. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t feel that way. Of course there are risks, but with them come rewards and that goes the same with anything you do with your business. You took huge risks just by starting your business or coming up with the idea that you want a website built for.

We promise you though that Thayer2Design won’t be one of them. No one will work hard for your business and we give you our word that we will do everything possible to make sure that you have one of the best experiences you’ve ever had. We do it because we care. We do it because we love what we do. Give us a call today or send us an email by going to the “Contact Us” section or “Request A Quote” section of the site. Lets talk about what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. Lets not wait another day, lets do it today. I look forward to hearing from you.