Web Design In Utica New York

Thayer2Design is constantly growing and we’ve built websites for clients all over. Web Design in Syracuse, Oneida, Rome, and Canastota are just a few places we’ve worked with. Web Design in Utica, NY is just the latest to our growing list. It has been a pleasure to work with some of the great businesses and people in the community. These are hard working individuals who know the importance of the internet and want their website to reflect the pride in what they do. Many great businesses such as Elegant Hijabs and Mohawk Valley Mediation are just a fouple of the businesses I’ve recently worked with. All who gave me the oppertunity to prove myself as the go-to website designer of Utica NY.

That is why we encourage everyone to learn what those businesses already know. At Thayer2Design we work hard to earn your business and to make sure you have a website your proud of. Best of all we don’t charge thousands of dollars to do it. Most of our websites cost half the price of our competitors, simply because we can. You can view our portfolio right on our website to see the kind of websites we make and view the quality of our website designs for yourself. Give us a call or send an email so that we can sit down and go over your wants and needs and get started right away.

Utica Website Design Has Never Been Easier


Utica Web Design – Mohawk Valley Mediation

But maybe you know you need a website (or perhaps a redesign), but your just not sure if you have the time or knowledge to update the website yourself after its built. Put your worries to rest because owning a website has never been easier! Thayer2Design offers two different types of coverage once your site is built. The first is to sit down with you and teach you how to edit your website. Most of the Utica Websites we build are created in WordPress which is one of the most easiest web design tools to learn. We’ll sit down with you and walk you through the process so that you can edit the site on your own.

if you’re still not comfortable updating your website or just don’t have the time than we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to do the work for you and we offer affordable rates based on the work you need done. That way you can focus on other parts of your business and leave your website in hands that you can trust!

Top SEO Company for Utica NY

In the end though, how much does this matter if no one is able to see your site? Thats where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. It can be a huge factor on the success of your website and your business. Being ranked higher in Google, Bing, and Yahoo will mean more customers and more website views. If your not on the first page, or the first couple of pages then your website is in trouble. Thats why Thayer2Design offers expert SEO in Utica NY to help businesses and organizations reach out to the people of Utica.  I don’t guarantee overnight results because its simply impossible. What I do guarantee though is to work with you and do everything possible to get your website ranked higher. We’ll discuss keywords that are important to your business and come up with a Utica SEO Plan to fit your business needs and goals.

Utica Computer Repair Services

It brings great pride to be the recommended web designer in Utica NY. In addition though, I also offer a variety of Computer Repair services in Utica as well. I work with businesses and residents to help their computers running fast and smooth. Utica Virus Removal is a huge part of my job and I can get rid of any Virus or Malware that your computer might have. We also do hardware installations as well such as adding new memory to your computer or upgrading your hard drive. We can also back up your hard drive so that your important photos and videos are never lost. Do you have an old computer that you lost the password to? By calling Thayer2Design we can recover your password and help you start using your PC again.  Best of all though we don’t charge an arm or a leg for our computer repair in Utica. We know not being able to use your computer is hard enough, having to pay $100+ is even harder. We offer affordable computer repair services in Utica at half the price of most places.